Our Projects Include:

14th Street Magazine
Piper Sky's Pink Popsicle Shoes  
Who Said Peaches were Perfect?
The Way I Sea It
Djibouti Pier 17
The Greedy Princess
Cats & Puppies
The Other Side of Thru
A New Black America

  • One on One Author Support (Via email)
  • Full Color Cover Design and Layout (Spine/measurements/etc.)
  • Interior Formatting and Design (margins, gutters, chapter starts, headers, etc.)
  • Electronic Proof Galley (Once our design team has completed the first draft of your interior and cover design, you will receive an electronic proof.)
  • Personalized Back Cover (Add your photo, a short bio, a synopsis of the book—whatever you would like.)
  • ISBN/ Barcode Assignment (For listing in/on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.)
  • Nonexclusive Contract (You own 100% of the rights to your book!)
  • Book Listing on A New Day Publishing Website
  • Online Distribution (When your book is finished, it’s available to order online through many sites, including Anewdaybooks.com)
  • Light editing/formatting (up to 200 pages typed)


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